History Of Wicca

History of Wicca

Wicca is considered a pagan nature religion which was formed and recognized in 1954 by Gerald Gardner Ex-British civil servant, He started by calling it Witchcraft. Mr. Gardner had stated that the religion, he was practicing was a tool of survival of an ancient witchcraft religion that had been around in secret for years and years. Perhaps even starting before Christian paganism began in the Middle East; none of which can be proven by ones self.

There are many branched of Wicca, and most became well known after Gerald Gardner brought the subject to light. This is known to most of those who practice Wicca as the Gardnerian Wicca. Each different type of Wicca has different and new practices and beliefs; much like that of the Jewish, Christian and Catholic religions in the sense of how they differ.

In Britain, Wicca is usually referring to the old witchcraft of practices of Mr. Gardener and what is known as the British Traditional Wicca in The United States and in Canada. However, in the United States and Canada the word Wicca can be understood in very different ways than what the original Wicca in Britain was understood as.

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